The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide - Available Now
February 12, 2013

Today only! Get the Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide eBook for free!

If you haven’t gotten around to checking out The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide yet, I have some motivation for you!

And if you are having trouble talking your friends into giving me their money, today might be a good day to send them this-a-way!

Because for today only, I’m giving away the eBook of The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide away for free! Also free: all these exclamation points that I am using!!

(Link was here, but now it is not the aforementioned today anymore :( )

And, of course, if you are interested in the physical, hold-able, flip-through-able version of the book (or my various art prints and other things), you can find all that over at


September 17, 2012

The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide – now available as an ebook!

Are you low on space on your bookshelves? Love trees? Hate paper? Hate spending $10 on things?

Well! The good news is that The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide is now available as an ebook!

The bad news is… wait! There is no bad news! Just another way for you – and your friends who I’m sure you’ll be sending this link to – to get the book!

You can find the book on the Amazon Kindle store here:

Or you can buy it directly from me and get a bundle containing  PDF, MOBI, a EPUB versions of the book. Get that version here:

Both versions cost only $4.99!


May 3, 2012

Upcoming Events in the Johnstown Area

If you’re in the Johnstown, PA area, stop by and see me this Saturday, May 5 (which is also Free Comic Book Day), at Bent Wookee Comix. I’ll be there from 2pm to 4pm. More details here.

And May 18-20, I’ll be exhibiting at Sci Fi in the Valley in Ebensburg. Stop by my table in the dealer’s area, or come by on Saturday night for my game show-style panel, “Whose Opening Line Is It, Anyway?” More details here.


October 24, 2011

Listen up: western Pennsylvania and the Twin Cities

Want to buy The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide in person? If you live in western Pennsylvania or the Twin Cities region, then you’re in luck!

The book is currently available at the following retail locations in Pennsylvania:

Bent Wookee Comix in Johnstown (map)
Eljay’s Used Books in Pittsburgh (map)
Authors Book Store in Warren (map)

Want to see the book at your local indie bookseller? Have them contact me!

I will also be selling the book, along with greeting cards, tshirts, and a Time Travel Bureau poster, at the Minneapolis Indie Xpo November 5-6 at  the Soap Factory (map). Be sure to stop by!


October 2, 2011

Contest Winners!

The Time Travel Bureau’s puzzle contest ended last week, and we have our winners! By coincidence, they are both fellows by the name of Ben.

The first person to correctly solve the puzzle (the answer was GIGAWATT, by the way!) was Ben Heaton, and our random-correct-answerer winner is Ben Haytack.

Good work, Bens!


September 28, 2011

The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide and other things by K. Sekelsky can be purchased at:

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